Dec 4 2009

Getting the floors started

Tomorrow we have grand plans to start the process of refinishing the downstairs hardwood floors. In preparation for this, Kelly has taken off all the quarter round in the living and dining room, and this evening the whole family went over to clear out the rooms. This evening, we

  • tossed out the beat up quarter round (we will replace them with some more substantial trim)
  • removed the heater grates and any other little metal bits from the floors, took off the interior shutter-like louvered doors from between the living and dining rooms (we will freecycle them)
Trim and grates taken off for floor sanding

Trim and grates removed from the dining room

  • removed the pile of light blue wooden venetian blinds from the dining room (freecycle)
  • removed the very not-to-our-taste modern black pressboard wooden shelves from the living room wall and fireplace wall (those will get craigslisted)
  • and cleared out the pile of books the previous owners left on the built ins in the living room (we will donate them to the Bookcrossing zone in the library where I work)

Two discoveries from this evening, one good and one bad.

First the good: in taking off louvered doors, we discovered that the trim around the doorway between the living and the dining room only has a couple of coats of paint. I’m planning on stripping it tomorrow as a test for the rest of the (painted) woodwork downstairs, which we’d like to eventually strip all of.

Kelly takes off the doors

Kelly removing the doors

Now the bad: we pulled up the carpet in the downstairs stair landing and discovered that what we thought was carpet over linoleum over wooden floors is actually carpet over linoleum around the edges and big chunks of plywood and broken boards. We are still pretty sure that the stairs and the rest of the floors upstairs have floors in good shape, and the landing is only 4′x8′ so it won’t be too cost prohibitive to install hardwood there, but still, it was a bit of a blow. We had to stick the carpet back down and leave off for now.

Mysterious hole in the dining room floor

Random hole in the middle of the dining room floor, that had a strange circular grate on it. What was it for?