Apr 26 2012

Nursery: Phase 1 and 2

Are you getting sick of nursery updates yet, but not a “Finally, the nursery is finished!” update? I think I am…

Although, it’s going to be a while before I can really say “this nursery is DONE” because really, we’re only working right now on Nursery: Phase 1. Nursery: Phase 1 will be done when the baby is sleeping, nursing, getting changed, etc. in the room. To finish that up, the dresser needs a few tweaks and the clothes finally put in it and the closet curtain needs to go up. We are so almost there.

However, Nursery: Phase 2 will include

  • Installing crown molding
  • Finishing out the trim around the closet and the cubbies
  • Designing and building a wall of built-in bookshelves and cupboards along the bathroom door wall

That might take a while yet. So while we are almost done with Nursery Phase 1, know that it will be a while yet before the Nursery is completely done.

In the meantime, here are a few pictures of the recent updates:

Putting up art above the unfinished dresser

There’s a little taste of the dresser to come. I promise it is really cool!

Putting up art above the area where the crib will be

The crib is there now – and there’s a little boy sleeping through the night in it!

Sewing the closet curtain

My mother-in-law is finishing it up, which is awesome.

Getting the cubbies painted and arranged

Yes, the top cubby isn’t painted all the way to the top. I couldn’t reach it. That needs Kelly’s doing. Oh, the other thing is that we’ve moved that rocker out of the nursery. We needed to have a rocking chair downstairs for when my mother-in-law watches the baby during the week, so we moved this one downstairs. I found a rocker/glider on Craigslist for $40 and it’s in there now. It’s got a nice neutral dark gray fabric on it, but I’m thinking I may need to do a little reupholstering. I need to find a nice heavy-weight fabric for it though.

So there it is. Nursery: Phase 1 almost complete.

Feb 5 2012

Nursery Updates

Well, we have had a lot of progress on the nursery lately. Mainly because of this guy:


Marc William, born January 3

He came three weeks early, and the nursery was decidedly not finished yet. But Kelly got a bunch done in the two weeks he was home, and now my parents are in town and my father has been helping with the room as well. Here’s what we have done so far:

  • Finished scraping the window trim
  • Primed and painted the window trim
  • Caulked and sealed the window panes (72 in the room in all!)
  • Painted the room the bright cheery yellow color (it needed few coats)
  • Ripped up the carpet
  • Sanded the (in great condition!) floors
  • Stained and polyed the floors to a wonderful color and shine
  • …And Kelly is currently working on priming and painting the baseboards (including fixing some damaged baseboards) and installing the quarter round

Scraping the window trim

Lovely joinery in the old windows

Window trim got primed and painted

We tested three different shades of yellow before going for the lightest one.

Kelly had lots of help with the windows. Here, my parents are helping scrape paint off the glass panes.

Ripping up the carpet

We found the floors in such good shape!

The sanding finished

Staining his way out the door

The floors stained. We went with a lighter "pecan" shade.

Two coats of stain, two coats of poly later...

Shiny shiny floors...

Feb 21 2011

Poly and primer

Who wants to see some gorgeous wood on our refinished stairs?

You can see at the very top of the last photo that after the last coat of poly was dry, Kelly started covering the stairs over with paper, so that when we paint the risers, we won’t have to deal with cleaning up drips of paint. It started to hurt his back and knees, so he only got about halfway up the stairs.

But that was enough for me to start priming the risers and the trim.

This whole process of finishing the stairs is going to take a while, as it includes spackling, sanding, caulking, priming, painting, cutting quarter-round and installing it, painting some more…

But you can already tell the difference it is going to make:

Feb 16 2010

Hello Red!

When I announced on Facebook last weekend that I was painting a red accent wall, my mother said that she thought we were getting rid of the red. Well, yes, we did get rid of the red (the bright red with the badly done lacquer finish) in the dining room, but the red I had in mind was for a wall of the staircase landing area.

This wall was pockmarked in nail and screw holes and a dirty dingy off-white. I was apparently so embarrassed by it, I didn’t take a picture of it during our house inspection, but you can see a part of it to the left hand side of this picture:


Georgian Brick

Georgian Brick

I love the color red, but not everywhere, so an accent wall in this small area seemed the perfect place to paint it. I wanted this red to be an earthy, rusty, orangey red too. Benjamin Moore’s Georgian Brick seemed just the right shade. I also planned on breaking up the wall with a rack of coat hooks and some pictures. So, after patching up the holes and getting a painting-with-a-brush primer from Kelly, I got to it last weekend, while Kelly finished up priming the living room walls (more to come about the painting in the dining room and living room later…)

Getting started, with a furry painter friend:

Getting ready to paint the landing

In the middle of painting:

So I also painted K+E

(Note: Kelly has painted a white heart with a K&E in it on two previous red walls – in the bedroom in our old rental house and in the dining room of the new house, so I was returning the favor and painting a red heart on a white wall…)

The finished wall, with coat hooks and pictures!

Finished landing, with light fixture

Feb 5 2010

Goodbye Red!

Sorry it’s been so quiet here for a while. We moved into the house on January 23 and have been slowly unpacking and getting things settled.

Since we’re planning on having a house blessing/house warming party on the 20th of February, it has recently lit a fire under us to get the downstairs fixed up the way we’d like it to be, which includes painting. So this evening, Kelly tackled the dining room, which as you might remember, was a dark dramatic (and not very well painted) red.

Dining room

A lot of people who have been in our house have declared how much they love the red, but Kelly and I are not fans. I feel that red dining rooms are a bit cliche (this article in the Washington Post from a couple of years ago seems to agree with me) and would rather have a lighter brighter room in any case.

So, our plan is this: the walls will be Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray (which is actually more of a light blueish gray…)

Paint chip - Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray HC-146

I bought some blue, tan and brown striped curtains for the windows and eventually plan to recover the chair cushions with a more muted fabric color (right now they’re bright blue).

Kelly was a rockstar painter this evening, and primed the entire dining room. Hooray, the red is gone!