Nov 30 2009

It’s officially ours!

We closed this afternoon after a last minute revision for a broken heater. Kelly is excited to get over there tonight to start ripping up the quarter round in the living and dining rooms so that refinishing the hardwood floors can get underway. We were thrilled to discover on a visit to the house last week (showing it off to family over Thanksgiving) that there are hardwood floors all throughout the upstairs of the house, underneath the carpet. When our budget allows, we’ll rip up carpet and refinish those floors as well.

We’re looking to move in the week before Christmas…

Bought the house!

Nov 23 2009

Welcome to “Building Our Nest”

Last fall when Kelly and I were first dating, we had a discussion about our desires someday to renovate a house.  The fact that we both loved older houses that had a history and character was one more “Check!” on our long list of why we were falling in love with each other.  Kelly sent me a text once that said “the thought of building a nest with you is so exciting” and since that time we’ve talked about some day finding and renovating our nest.

Flash forward to a little more than a year later.  We’ve now been married for 6 months (today! exactly!) and in a week we are going to close on our nest – a 1916 colonial with craftsman influences in the Sanger Heights neighborhood of Waco, Texas.  It’s a fixer-upper with tons of charm.  This blog will be our way of documenting our progress of renovating our house together. We can’t wait to start building our nest.

Pictures of our soon-to-be house!