Jun 10 2011

Our Den

This post is our entry into the Making it Lovely Social Space Makeover Contest.

When we were looking at houses, we knew that one of the things high on our priority list was a house that would be a good place to entertain. We love to throw parties – dinner parties, Halloween parties, random come-over-for-some-XBox parties, etc. When we first saw this house, we loved the way the house seemed to draw you in – from the front porch to the living room, through the dining room and then down into the den. It was a very welcoming layout. And being open and hospitable to friends, guests, (and sometimes even strangers) is important to how we want to live our lives.

We love our den. It’s a cozy space, where we often curl up as a family, watching movies, eating dinner (more often there than in the dining room these days it seems…). Jack and Kelly play on the Xbox in there, or surf random YouTube videos. It’s the one place in the house that we want to keep carpeted (though we desperately want to change out the carpeting for some newer, plusher stuff…) We love the architectural features from where the old outside back porch used to be. We love our big red sectional, which was one of the pieces we bought when we got our homebuyer’s tax credit.

What we don’t love about the space is this: it needs to be recarpeted, like I mentioned; it needs paint and some electrical work (there are some random wires sticking out of the ceiling); our storage is flimsy particle board bookcases and we’d love to have something built-in with some closed-storage options; the chairs are some randoms we had inherited from previous apartments and family friends. Dreaming down the road, we’d love to have french doors instead of the sliding ones that go out to the back yard. We’d also love to be able to somehow tap the main house’s AC and heat so that we don’t swelter in the summer and freeze in the winter. (Kelly has a few ideas about how to make that happen…)

Anyway, since we’ve got a whole huge house to eventually renovate (and not a lot of cash to make it happen) we’d love to be able to win the makeover contest being offered by Nicole at the Making it Lovely blog. Here’s a video of our space and a few pictures.

Our Den – our Social Space from Ellen Filgo on Vimeo.