Nov 12 2011

Nursery Progress

It might seem kind of strange that “progress” to us means that we now have an empty room. But, progress it is, since the room we designated the nursery until now has been the craft/office/storage/”attic staging area” room. But this week we (especially Kelly) worked hard at clearing it out so that we could get started on the demo (scraping the popcorn ceiling, window trim and ripping up the carpet).

Here are some pictures of the cleared out room, ready for demo:

Well, cleared out except for work tools and such...

Horrid icky carpet that has to go

The crib nook, bookshelves and closet

Door to the hallway, with the mother-to-be

The wall where the built in cabinets will go, eventually...

And this evening, as I was writing up this post, we had even more progress! Kelly got to work scraping the ceiling and it went a lot faster than he expected! All the bumps are gone and he says that he can’t see any cracks or seams on the ceiling, so he’s not sure why the popcorn was put up in the first place. (Hopefully, this bodes well for popcorn removal in pretty much all the other rooms in our house too…)

All he has to do now is give it a good sanding, then a skim coat of drywall mud

Of course, it made a huge mess in the room, but that’s just part of progress in any renovation, right?