Further Nursery Plans

Ok, so I’ve talked before about how we are working on the nursery in phases.

Phase 1 was really the biggest: we had to basically gut the room from the floor to the ceiling. All the window trim needed to be scraped, caulked, primed and painted.

Here you can see the difference between the cleaned up window trim on the inside and the ugly messy peeling window trim on the outside

While phase 1 did include all the pretty colors and furniture, it was a mainly a lot of hard work. But there is a bit more to go. Here are the next few phases that we want to work on.

Phase 2 is mainly the closet area. We took down the closet door so that we could have room on the main door wall for a dresser. The closet door wouldn’t have opened all the way if it had. However, we need to work a bit on that closet area still. If you can see from the picture, the trim around the door only exists on the right hand side. (Why? Who knows. There are a lot of things about our old house that don’t make sense to us. Previous owners did strange things, like painting the kitchen trim with a flat black paint. Who does that? Strange previous owners, that’s who.)

Anyway, we are going to finish the trim around the closet door, and also trim out the cubby area. Those cubbies were created in a space that used to hold a chimney. The previous owners took out the chimney (which was for a stove in the kitchen, we suspect. This house was built in 1916, remember…) and just screwed some ugly plywood into the wall to create the cubby area. Great concept, bad execution. As well as adding trim around the cubby area, we want to finish off the shelf edges with a bullnose trim. Anyway, here’s a simple Photoshop rendering of what the trim might look like when we are done.

The other thing we have to do in the closet is on the inside. Sorry I don’t have any pictures of that – it’s really kind of ugly. (Oh wait! I found one!) Basically on the inside of the closet there is icky fake paneling (like the kind we demoed when we worked on our downstairs bathroom. Behind the paneling is the same 1″ by 10″ wood planking that pretty much makes up the entire structure of our house. (You can see more of what that looks like here in our downstairs bathroom). We’re just going to paint the entire inside of the closet white and install some kind of shelving system (yet to be determined). Right now the shelving system we inherited with the closet is a couple of pieces of wood nailed to each side of the closet with a broom handle resting on top of that. Classy.

Phase 3 of the nursery means a couple of things. Crown molding first of all. Kelly didn’t paint up to the ceiling because he knew that we would eventually add crown molding. He wants to create molding similar to the square, chunky molding we have in the living and dining rooms.

Phase 3 (or perhaps sooner, if we can find a good deal) will also include a new ceiling fan and light for the room. Right now the light is missing a shade and the ceiling fan is too small for the size of the room. I’m thinking a simple white ceiling fan to blend in with the ceiling, not stand out from it, is the best choice.

The biggest part of phase 3 will be the wall of built-ins on the bathroom wall. Here’s the way it looks now:

And here’s Kelly’s rough (he wants to emphasize the ROUGH part) mock-up of what the built-ins will look like.

There will be bookshelves on both sides and over the top of the door. To the left of the shelves will be a built-in writing desk and above that will be cupboards. To the left of that is the 8 inch wide area that will enclose the heating vent pipe that runs right through the room. The pipe is double insulated, so we only need 1-inch clearance around it. Since the pipe isn’t the depth of the other cabinets, we will have some room to play around with making some smaller cubbies in front of the pipe. Perhaps I’ll paint the backs of those ones blue as well! And then to the far left will be some more cupboard space that will be tall enough to have hanging clothes as well. The whole thing will be built out of pre-primed MDF and will tie into the crown molding in the rest of the room and be trimmed out really nicely.

That’s the plan, at least. It might change, but we’ll keep you posted.

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