Nursery: Phase 1 and 2

Are you getting sick of nursery updates yet, but not a “Finally, the nursery is finished!” update? I think I am…

Although, it’s going to be a while before I can really say “this nursery is DONE” because really, we’re only working right now on Nursery: Phase 1. Nursery: Phase 1 will be done when the baby is sleeping, nursing, getting changed, etc. in the room. To finish that up, the dresser needs a few tweaks and the clothes finally put in it and the closet curtain needs to go up. We are so almost there.

However, Nursery: Phase 2 will include

  • Installing crown molding
  • Finishing out the trim around the closet and the cubbies
  • Designing and building a wall of built-in bookshelves and cupboards along the bathroom door wall

That might take a while yet. So while we are almost done with Nursery Phase 1, know that it will be a while yet before the Nursery is completely done.

In the meantime, here are a few pictures of the recent updates:

Putting up art above the unfinished dresser

There’s a little taste of the dresser to come. I promise it is really cool!

Putting up art above the area where the crib will be

The crib is there now – and there’s a little boy sleeping through the night in it!

Sewing the closet curtain

My mother-in-law is finishing it up, which is awesome.

Getting the cubbies painted and arranged

Yes, the top cubby isn’t painted all the way to the top. I couldn’t reach it. That needs Kelly’s doing. Oh, the other thing is that we’ve moved that rocker out of the nursery. We needed to have a rocking chair downstairs for when my mother-in-law watches the baby during the week, so we moved this one downstairs. I found a rocker/glider on Craigslist for $40 and it’s in there now. It’s got a nice neutral dark gray fabric on it, but I’m thinking I may need to do a little reupholstering. I need to find a nice heavy-weight fabric for it though.

So there it is. Nursery: Phase 1 almost complete.

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