Some pictures of our lawn

With the help of my parents, who are in town for a month, we are starting a new project – refinishing the wood stairs! However, as I came to the site to write about what we plan to do, I realized that we never did give you a post about how our lawn has turned out. So, here you go.

The left hand side of the lawn

The right hand side of the lawn

Way back down the left hand side of the house.

Just so you know, I took these pictures about a week or so after we’d put the lawn in, so it still looks a little grid-y. The lawn currently looks quite well set in and organic. (Well, *right* now it’s looking a little brownish from the cold weather, although compared to some lawns in the neighborhood, it looks quite verdant!) We’ve been diligent about attacking any vines that poke through the grass, and while there have been a couple dozen intruders, considering how extensive the ivy was, I’m pretty thrilled with now comparatively little has sprung back up.

So, now that you’ve seen the after pictures, we can move on to chronicling our next big project! On to the stairs!

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