Unexpected Discoveries

Yesterday, the landscaping company delivered a truckload of compost and 3 pallets of sod, so today Kelly and Jack are hard at work laying the sod on the newly ivy-free dirt lawn. While they are working, I thought I would post some pictures of an interesting discovery we made after the ivy was removed.

Do you see it in this picture?

Notice those two pieces of concrete bracketing the sidewalk? Yep! We unearthed some ancient planter boxes! They had been completely covered in dirt and ivy that we had no idea that they were even there.

Planter box - left side

Planter box - right side

Because we had already been thinking that we wanted to somehow flank the sidewalk with some kind of flowers or bushes (what we will do exactly is yet to be determined…) we will not cover them up with grass, but leave them as they are.

But eventually they will most likely be covered up with dirt again, as they’re buried pretty deep, and Kelly wants to make the border to the pathway be more organic, with curvy lines, not straight like the concrete planters.

Digging up the planters

It goes all the way up to the house!

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