Downstairs Bathroom – the After Pictures!

Alright, finally it’s time to show the pictures of our finished downstairs bathroom! I’m really excited to show you these and very pleased that the design I had in my head was realized so well in this renovation.

Hooray! The renovation is complete! As you can see, we painted the wooden slats that are above the beadboard and trim in alternating white and tan stripes, which run all the way up on the ceiling. The other elements in the room are dark brown wooden and natural elements.


I got this adorable octagonal mirror for a whopping $3.75 on clearance at Hobby Lobby.


I also got this vintage packing crate on Etsy and hung it on the wall as a shelf for hand soap.


We bought brown bamboo roman shades at Home Depot and cut them down to size to fit the window.


I got brown woven basket at Michaels to hold extra toilet paper and towels and you can see the pretty striped blue and tan and white towels that we got for the room. The towel and toilet paper holders we got at IKEA. I think they were something like $8 each, and match the brushed nickel of the existing light fixture pretty well. You can also see the new floors Kelly talked me into installing! It’s a really cool vinyl tile that looks like planks of wood. Kelly had to do some creative cutting to get it to install around the trim on the doorframe, but he did, and it looks great! I am so glad we did the floors. The room looks 100 times better with them done.

And then of course, there is the crowning jewel of the room – the one item that gives this room so much more function – the toilet lid sink!


It was (according to Kelly) a snap to install – it just hooks into your existing water line. When you flush, fresh water from the pipe gets routed through the spigot and then after you wash your hands, the gray water fills the tank. Even though the lid expands and contracts to fit multiple sizes of toilets, the one we have in the bathroom is really too small for it. But it still works fine and Kelly sealed it up well with some kind of sticky roofing sealant product that he got for free from a friend.

I don’t have a great picture of the hallway, and really, it’s not quite done yet. Kelly has to shave a few centimeters off of the bottom of the doorway that leads outside so that it can actually open over the new flooring and also create a new threshhold. We also need to save up a few pennies to get a few of the remnants of the historical wallpaper we found preserved and framed. We plan to hang them on the wall in the hallway. But you can see from this shot that we installed the beadboard and trim here as well, and then, rather than stripes like we did in the bathroom, we painted all of the exposed wood the tan color.


Also, I must say, just washing the window panes in that door changed that space COMPLETELY. There was years worth of grime on them. And now I look at the other windows in my house and cringe…

Anyway, so there’s our new bathroom – what do you think?


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