Downstairs Bathroom – the During Pictures

We started this project on Memorial Day Weekend and finally finished it up three weeks later on Fathers’ Day weekend. What was originally going to be “Ellen’s project” – i.e. I was going to paint, saw, nail, etc. turned out to be a little much for me, and while I did help him out as much as I could, especially with the painting, Kelly was the real workhorse for the majority of the project. Also, the project grew to be a little bigger in scope – what was originally going to be just a bathroom renovation turned into the bathroom/hallway renovation. Although, keep in mind that both of these spaces together aren’t that big. The bathroom is 4 feet by 4 feet and the hallway is about the same. I’m glad we ended up doing both spaces because they really flow from one to another and it would have looked quite strange had we not done the hallway. We also ended up replacing the floors, which we hadn’t planned on, but again, the old floors would have looked so out of place with the new paint and beadboard and everything.

So, without further ado, here are the renovation in process pictures! This is a very picture heavy post, so here we go!

First we ripped down the paneling.

Jack helped.

There was still a lot of the old muslin stuck to the nails, so Kelly had to make sure it was all gone before we put anything else up – or accidentally painted over it.

Here is the bathroom with the paneling taken down.

Kelly measures and cuts the beadboard in our increasingly messy landing. (He did cut the beadboard outside though…)
Here I am trying to install the beadboard. I wasn’t very good at it. (We might possibly need a nail gun, but don’t tell Kelly I said so…)

The beadboard installed – shorter than the original paneling, but that’s ok.

Aaaaand…. the trim.

Closeup of the trim. Kelly did an amazing job wood-filling and caulking all the nail holes and seams.

Here I am, painting the stripes. Kelly wasn’t too thrilled with the Behr-brand paint we bought at Home Depot. It was cheaper and quicker to buy it there, since his favorite paint store – the Benjamin Moore store – isn’t open on weekends or after 5 pm. It just took so many coats to cover properly.

Here’s another picture of the pocket window we discovered as we worked in the bathroom.

And here is Kelly, working on the extended project – bringing the renovation into the tiny landing just outside the bathroom. He tore down the paneling on the walls (you might remember how we discovered 1916 wall paper beneath it!) and the acoustic tile on the ceiling as well.


What the hallway and the downstairs staircase landing looked like during the demo.

Next… the after pictures!!

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