Hello Red!

When I announced on Facebook last weekend that I was painting a red accent wall, my mother said that she thought we were getting rid of the red. Well, yes, we did get rid of the red (the bright red with the badly done lacquer finish) in the dining room, but the red I had in mind was for a wall of the staircase landing area.

This wall was pockmarked in nail and screw holes and a dirty dingy off-white. I was apparently so embarrassed by it, I didn’t take a picture of it during our house inspection, but you can see a part of it to the left hand side of this picture:


Georgian Brick

Georgian Brick

I love the color red, but not everywhere, so an accent wall in this small area seemed the perfect place to paint it. I wanted this red to be an earthy, rusty, orangey red too. Benjamin Moore’s Georgian Brick seemed just the right shade. I also planned on breaking up the wall with a rack of coat hooks and some pictures. So, after patching up the holes and getting a painting-with-a-brush primer from Kelly, I got to it last weekend, while Kelly finished up priming the living room walls (more to come about the painting in the dining room and living room later…)

Getting started, with a furry painter friend:

Getting ready to paint the landing

In the middle of painting:

So I also painted K+E

(Note: Kelly has painted a white heart with a K&E in it on two previous red walls – in the bedroom in our old rental house and in the dining room of the new house, so I was returning the favor and painting a red heart on a white wall…)

The finished wall, with coat hooks and pictures!

Finished landing, with light fixture

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